Telestream produces Automated Quality Control software for file-based media conducted easily, quickly, correctly and comprehensively, with a high return on investment. Made to work in the way that you want, by the leading experts in the industry.

Intelligently correct out-of-limit Video Levels:

  • Video luma level – including black levels
  • Video chroma – color limit errors
  • Video RGB – gamut/legality problems

Video ‘legalizers’ simply clamp or clip peak values that exceed the limits. This squeezes the range of picture contrast, can produce color artifacts where the colors become saturated and visual artifacts when the video is re-encoded. Vidcheck has developed patented intelligent algorithms that dynamically analyze the image to correct limit violations while maintaining the integrity and quality of the picture.

Intelligently correct out-of-limit audio peak levels and audio loudness (CALM & EBU R128):

  • Audio peak level – levels that are too high.
  • Audio Loudness measured to ITU-R BS.1770 and corrected to required program loudness levels – makes sure that audio levels are correct and legal to ATSC A/85 (CALM) and EBU R128 requirments.
  • DialNorm correction.


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  • Thorough checks of file, video and audio parameters as well as video and audio quality, legality and correctness
  • Not only checks video and audio, but also intelligently corrects out of spec video levels and audio levels including loudness
  • Highly cost-effective: full-featured QC at a price that the smallest post production companies and broadcasters can comfortably afford, and fully scalable using the Vidchecker Grid for enterprise installation with very high file volumes
  • Supports sub SD, SD, HD, 4K and mixed workflows
  • 4 levels of checking – information, warning, fail on error and correct on error
  • Supplied standards templates including DPP and Netflix plus ‘1 Click’ auto test template from known good media
  • Built-in media player to play the video at alert points by clicking on the alert thumbnails
  • Easy workflow support – use multiple watch folders with filtering, automatically send reports, move files on pass/fail/correction
  • Comprehensive online Help
  • API web services for full integration with production and broadcast workflows and media asset management systems. The growing list of integration partners can be seen at Integration Partners.