Sony MVS-6530 HD/SD Video Switcher

The MVS-6530 production switcher is ideally suited for medium-size productions. The switcher comes with sophisticated capabilities such as 3x mix effects (M/E), 4x keyers per M/E, each with the MVS high-performance chromakey, 8x keyers in P/P bank, 2x internal channels of DME, 2.5D resizers, colour correction, and more.

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Sony MVS-6530 HD/SD Video Switcher


New control panel for convenient operability
The MVS-6530 switcher features an ICP-6530 control panel. The matt-black panel is designed for easy operation in a fixed configuration. The design is based on the proven CCP style, and experienced operators will feel instantly at home. Additionally, OLED source name displays and RGB colour source buttons are included for optimal visibility and user-friendly operation.
Creative M/E functionality
The MVS-6530 is a three mix effect (M/E) switcher with four keyers on each bus and eight keyers on the PP row. A variety of background transitions are available to suit any programme requirements and these include
Multi-program mode
Each M/E bus in the MVS system can be configured to operate in multi program mode. This facility provides four independent program outputs on each M/E. Each separate program O/P can then be configured with any combination of M/E keyers. In addition to the expanded program O/Ps, clean and key as well as M/E PVW signals are still produced.
2 resizers per M/E bank and 2.5D DME
A powerful resizer function is provided that gives simple 2.5D DMEeffects for half the keyers in the MVS-6530. With adjustable parameters such as size, position, and aspect, as well as mosaic and defocus effects, this functionality is very useful for optimizing the on screen composition.These resizers can also be activated for clip transitions, and the parameters can be memorized as part of a switcher snapshot, keyframe,or macro effect. All these effects can be created without the use of an optional DME, bringing great advantages for both simple operation and minimized system cost.
Colour correction for each input and AUX output
In order to correct for any colour errors in the incoming signals each input has a primary RGB colour corrector. In addition each aux bus output also has an identical colour corrector circuit. This is useful for correcting the colour balance on in-vision monitors.

In addition aux mix ability is included which provides a mix transition, rather than a hard cut on aux bus outputs.
Enhanced frame memory system
The MVS-6530 provides an internal high-capacity frame store with the ability to handle both individual images (stills) and animation sequences (clips) with embedded audio support . The frame memory system supports eight-channel playback from on-board RAM storage, and images can be imported via USB connection or a real time back up using an external video store. Individual frame memory images or animation sequences can be instantly viewed and recalled via the touch-screen menu operation.
Two channel multi-viewer system
The MVS-6530 provides multi-viewer outputs directly from the main processor chassis. This cuts down on the need for expensive external multi-viewers. Each multi-viewer output can be set in either 10- or 4-way split operation, and signals are delegated to each separate pane accordingly. The multi-viewer also supports switcher name and border tally indicators.
48 inputs and 32 outputs configuration
The MVS-6530 features 48 BNC primary inputs and 32 BNC assignable outputs.
Easy-to-program macros
Using the Flexi-Pad module, you can record operation sequences, then store and assign them to any desired button. Macros are useful in live environments where time is critical and operation errors are not tolerated. In addition to using macros to record complex panel operations, macros can also be used to record menu operations. Macros can be edited either directly from the control panel or with the touch-screen menu display. Once programmed, macros can be executed in several ways: by attaching to the majority of buttons on the control panel surface, recall/run from the Flexi-Pad module, or by trigger on a timeline to execute automatically in a sequence.
Networking functions
The MVS-6530 switcher can be operated with a single Ethernet-based network. This integrated LAN enables easier connection to devices.
Powerful device control
The MVS-6530 switcher has integrated device control and so does not require the use of an additional unit, simplifying system installation. Devices can be controlled on the same timeline as switcher events or as part of macro events. When integrating a Sony disk protocol or VDCP-controlled disk recorder, clip management is also provided, allowing different server clips to be recalled and played back as part of a switcher timeline or macro.
Intelligent tally functions
All MVS switchers provide an intelligent and multi-functional tally system, which seamlessly integrates the switcher and router tally functions. Multiple on-air and recording tallies can easily be programmed on the switcher system, so that even complex tally requirements are accommodated.

Sony MVS-6530 HD/SD Video Switcher


Power Requirements
AC 100 V to 240 V, ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
4 A to 1.7 A (fully loaded)
Operating Temperature
5°C to 40°C
41°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +55°C
-4°F to +131°F
Dimensions (W x H x D) *[1]
482 x 176 x 486 mm
19 x 7 x 19 1/4 inches
Approx. 21 kg (fully loaded)
Approx. 46 lb 4.8 oz (fully loaded)
Maximum Number of Inputs
BNC (x48) for Primary inputs
Maximum Number of Outputs
BNC (x32) for Outputs
Sony MVS-6530 HD/SD Video Switcher