Kayak HD-250C vision-mixer

Grass Valley HD-250C 48 input 2.5M/E 24 Aux Bus Outputs, 8 Chroma Keyers, 4 Scaler Inputs, 4 Scaler Outputs, 5 Internal Digital Picture Manipulators, 6 Channels of internal RAM Recorder 4GB, 2 Control Panels Works 100% Ready to be installed in your Studio or OB Van

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Kayak HD-250C vision-mixer


  • 48 HD-SDI Inputs
  • 24 Aux Bus Outputs
  • 2.5 M/E
  • 5 iDPM’s
  • 6 RAM REC Channels with 4GB each
  • 2 Control Panels, manuals cables.
  • Weight 150lbs
Kayak HD-250C vision-mixer


Grass Valley Kayak HD-250C
System  1  2.5ME
Control Panel
Serial Number P0294
B/C 1023213
Card Frame
Serial Number GV033482U
B/C 1024420
Options Status
Number of Inputs 48
Number of Aux Buses 24
Chroma Key 1 None
Chroma Key 2 None
Chroma Key 3 None
Chroma Key 4 None
Number of Flexible Keys 2
DPM Channel 1 PP+ME1
DPM Channel 2 ME1
DPM Channel 3 ME1
DPM Channel 4 ME1
DPM Kurl Effect None
DPM Spektra None
RGB Colour Correction Off
Ram Recorder Channels 6
Net Central Off
Half M/E On
Input Scaler 1-8 None
Input Scaler 9-16 None
HD Operation On
RAM Recorder Memory Size 4GB
Aux Bus Scaler 1-8 None
Kayenne XKL Frame Off
Key 5 Available None
Key 6 Available None
Repair Notes
GHB ID on Cards
Kayak HD-250C vision-mixer