Grass Valley Kahuna Maverick video mixer

The switcher control surface that doesn’t conform to the norm.

A totally new innovation in switcher control for the World-leading Kahuna range. The Kahuna Maverik modular panels are perfect for every studio and mobile TV production. It allows unprecedented freedom in panel design so you can throw away the rule book and create the switcher panel you need in exactly the way you want — with the ability to easily change layout for every production.

Kahuna Maverik is the first control surface to allow total customization across the board — literally. It has been designed to suit any production genre, be it large or small, offering clean, clear and confident operations with space and cost-saving advantages.

Whether for sports, music, news, light entertainment or houses of worship, Kahuna Maverik can be laid out exactly the way you need it to switch productions effortlessly, and bring maximum functionality to minimal space.

Mav Concept

The individual control elements of a Kahuna Maverik control panel system are known as Mavs. The Mav concept allows the layout of any combination of Mavs in any desired configuration. This approach allows the control surface panel to be tailored to any production need and not restricted to pre-made desk dimensions. Mav modules are manufactured in common sizes and fit into Grass Valley’s unique MavRow racking system. The MavRow racking system can support any combination of Mavs in any order, and gives you the ability for on-the-fly Mav changes on a production-by-production basis.

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Grass Valley Kahuna Maverick video mixer


  • Unprecedented freedom in panel design
  • Ability to change panel configuration on a production-by-production basis
  • Easy creation of multiple production areas
  • Any size layout can access all the power of the switcher’s mainframe
  • Crystal clear OLED buttons with user-assignable thumbnails
  • Touchscreen at the M/E level for quick pre-production and instant functionality selection
  • High resolution and intuitive user function buttons for easy effect recognition
  • Delivers resilience and easy servicing
Grass Valley Kahuna Maverick video mixer


Grass Valley Kahuna Maverick video mixer