Gravity Media is proud to support international powerboat racing, with the F1H2O World Championship probably our most notable engagement. F1H2O is the crown jewel flagship inshore powerboat race series, and is regarded by fans as one of the most spectacular and exciting sports in the world. The lightweight single-seater catamarans can reach speeds of 140mph, and can enter hairpin turns at over 90mph. It’s competitive, challenging, risky – and hugely entertaining.

Our Host Broadcast services to H2O Racing, the F1H2O rights owner, involve supplying the technical facilities and support crew required at each grand prix weekend, as well as looking after the production of editorial content. Our multi-camera packages include cabled cameras and a number of specialist RFs and waterproof onboards, as well as cutting-edge technology such as drones. Everything is supported by team of broadcast and RF engineers, who travel to destinations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East to support the series.

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Using Gravity Media’s bespoke Powerboats flyaway means the crew has the same equipment and workflow at each venue, resulting in a consistent level of production throughout the championship. Its lightweight and flexible design makes it cheap to transport and quick and easy to set up, helping to ensure the Gravity Media team can deliver all races efficiently and cost-effectively.

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What’s more, by supplying a regular production crew, more time can be spent getting familiar with the equipment and planning how best to capture each race – from the positioning of cameras around the course, to cutting together live content. This in turn encourages greater levels of communication between commentary, creative and technical teams, which all helps enhance the overall value of the end product.

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