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Gravity Media is an experienced and dedicated producer of combat sports and martial arts content, from major boxing fights to top-tier MMA contests. Our offering spans full outside broadcast productions using one or more of our OB trucks, to digital production and streaming services from one of our Production Centres located globally.

Our solutions are creative, comprehensive and versatile. For example, supporting a recent PPV world title fight in the US, we deployed a number of mobile units – including our 60ft 4K supertruck Columbus – to build a UK broadcaster’s onsite studio, produce fight coverage from ringside, and supply commentary and comms solutions. With Columbus having been built specifically to support the North American production market, this just shows it can be reconfigured with elements that are preferred in British productions – achieving a familiar feel without having to compromise on ambition or quality.

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Gravity Media has been host broadcaster for a number of international boxing tournaments, as well as host broadcaster and creative and broadcast partner and fast-growing MMA promotions. Our Production Centres have provided experienced commentary teams operating from a suite of VO booths, as well as access to studios, HD galleries, edit suites and full production communications. What’s more, a talented team of in-house designers is on hand to deliver fresh and dynamic graphics packages for show content, including titles sequences, highlights and analysis stings, scorebugs, countdown clocks, event schedules, bout-order graphics, key rules, scoring systems and tabulated results.

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Fights across Europe, the Americas and Asia have been produced and encoded at our Production Centres, before being delivered in formats that allow an array of international broadcast partners to opt in and out of the coverage at appropriate editorial junctures. Digital content is also a regular Production Centre output, used for live-streaming on social media platforms, alongside live and post-produced clips. Gravity Media is undoubtedly a broadcast and production heavyweight.

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