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As experts in handling complex production needs, and with a reputation for providing innovative broadcast solutions for live televised events, Gravity Media is the supplier of choice for anyone looking to shoot people shooting hoops. We cover college basketball, national basketball leagues, World Cup competitions and more – through full outside broadcast solutions or innovative REMI/’At Home’ productions.

Often supporting tournaments in vast geographies such as the US and Australia, the solution to a recurring problem has been to devise compact and lightweight flypack production systems that allow producers to deliver a high-quality product while saving on transportation costs. These specially tailored kits neatly solve logistical challenges whilst ensuring each client’s specific broadcast requirements can be met. Compact and easy to use, the flypacks’ removable panels allow instant access for connectivity and operation, with nothing needing to be unpacked.

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Match-coverage cameras, commentary and hosting positions, interviews courtside and in ‘flash’ positions are all comfortably facilitated, and each flypack can be deployed with minimal engineering crew. Host commentary services enable rights owners to deliver bespoke broadcasts to their audiences – either on site at the arena or remotely using real-time AoIP networking technology.

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With viewer expectations so high these days, the pressure is on to make productions stand out by delivering a large amount of quality coverage across a multitude of formats. Rights owners like FIBA (the international basketball federation) are increasingly looking to enhance the quality of their coverage, and have come to us because of our reputation for innovation and our record of working at the world’s biggest events. Gravity Media – nothing but net.

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