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As with other events and activities that need to engage both hearts and minds, many religious organisations turn to Gravity Media for their broadcasting and production support needs. Their mission is to keep their communities informed about current initiatives and exciting events, as well as empowering people from all walks of life, regardless of where they’re located. High-quality video and audio content enables them to do this seamlessly, supporting their followers around the world with coverage including worship events, music and related religious content.

We’re pleased to have helped many of these organisations use the latest equipment, production methods and broadcasting capabilities to spread their word. Our services are end to end, ranging from creating the production facilities themselves to producing and broadcasting a client’s finished content.  

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We operate all around the world, with recent projects spanning the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA, and involving purpose-built broadcast complexes, churches, temples and mosques. Those who don’t require permanent infrastructure come to us for outside broadcast and remote production services, with our mobile units regularly deployed to cover holy days, prayer meetings, religious festivals and more.

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Some of the most praiseworthy projects we’ve been involved with recently include creating a multi-floor HD studio facility for a large religious broadcaster, where we designed, supplied and installed galleries, auditoriums and studios, as well as comprehensive lighting and camera control and building-wide RF. Elsewhere, we’ve helped clients deliver broadcast output from multiple locations via their own television channels, adopting simple workflow solutions that can be replicated consistently across all territories.

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