Conferences – Stealing the Limelight


Gravity Media is known worldwide for supplying high-quality broadcast equipment, production facilities, and project management support for productions great and small.

Over the years, as our experience has grown and we’ve fine-tuned our techniques, we’ve developed specialist skills in a number of key markets and disciplines.

At Gravity Media, we’re well known for our involvement in live sports, reality TV, blockbuster movies, documentaries, and more, but we’re perhaps a little less known for our work in conferences, exhibitions, and summits – in both the real world and online.

To us, these productions are no different from all the other live events we support, with clients looking to create content that informs and excites. Production values are just as high as for any broadcast, and we work closely with organisers to deliver an audience experience that’s as meaningful as it is memorable.

We have the kit, the people, the experience, and the attention to detail to bring huge value to all types of conference undertaking. The service you get is end-to-end, as we offer consultancy, planning, and design through to setup, pre-production, logistics, crewing, and onsite infrastructure.

Find out more about our offerings in the Conferences market here and to see how we can help you with your next production, email