Torneos y Competencias returns to Gearhouse Broadcast for its World Cup coverage

Gearhouse Broadcast, a worldwide broadcast services specialist, has delivered a range of facilities for Torneos live coverage of this summer’s World Cup. Gearhouse has previously provided facilities to the Argentinian sports broadcaster for several major sporting events, including the London 2012 Games, during a relationship spanning eight years.

Gearhouse Broadcast was commissioned to deliver a range of facilities at the International Broadcast Center (IBC), to support Torneos coverage of the event. Gearhouse Broadcast’s Projects Solutions division are responsible for everything from set up to the live production stage. The team built and delivered three production control rooms, two edit suites and a master control room (MCR), designed specifically to meet Torneos’ specific requirements. Gearhouse Broadcast is also providing on-site support for the duration of the competition, which finishes on 13 July.

“We have entrusted Gearhouse Broadcast with facilities for big sporting events for so many years, so we know that they understand our requirements perfectly,” said Maximiliano Cabrera at Torneos. “For an event of this significance, it’s important that we can stay focused on giving our viewers the best possible experience without worrying about whether the facilities are up to the job and that’s why we have chosen Gearhouse for this project.”

Gearhouse Broadcast has supplied and installed a range of equipment at the IBC in Rio de Janeiro, including a Thomson Kayak 2.5 M/E HD switcher and a Panasonic AV-HS-400 HD vision mixer for the production control rooms. The MCR houses a 128 x 128 Harris router, two Telex Cronus communications matrices, two eight channel EVS XT3 services and EVS XTAccess software to enable media interchange between EVS servers and the Avid edit suites.

The MCR also features a remote CCU area, allowing the TyC production team to control two Hitachi SK-HD1200E camera chains. Harris glue and infrastructure were also provided as part of the project.

“We’ve worked with Torneos on many big sporting events since 2006, so we understand their requirements and they know they can trust us to deliver exactly what they need,” said Gearhouse Broadcast Head of Projects, Ed Tischler “It’s always a testament to our expertise and the professionalism of our team when customers return to Gearhouse time and time again.”