XT2 Update as XT3 Takes over

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XT3 3

With a firm commitment to the EVS Workflow from the start and our core investment in the original XT2 servers, we are delighted to announce another round of purchases - supporting our growing inventory of hard working EVS solutions.

With the Winter Olympics just around the corner and things looking busy for the foreseeable future, we’ve just purchased a number of new IP Directors and 8 of the new XT3 Servers. These systems represent the very latest offering from EVS and boast some crucial new features.

EVS XT3 Features
- Up to 8 SD/HD video channels

- 6 Full 3D/1080p video channels
- 3 UHDTV-4K channels
- Special TwinRec mode with 8 or 12 ingest -channels (streaming mode) (only with 6RU version)
- Up to 550 Mbps Bitrate per video channel
- Mix on one channel capabilities
- 2 chassis versions 6RU & 4RU for maximum flexibility
- Full live replay capabilities: Live Slow Motion,-  Super Motion, 3D Super Motion, Hyper Motion, Ultra Motion
- Native support HD codec: Avid DNxHD® codec, Apple ProRes, Panasonic DVCPRO HD, AVC-Intra Class 100, XDCAM HD
- 3G-SDTI in & out on BNC (compatible with 1,5G-SDTI)
- Up to 96 audio input capabilities
- Built-in multi-viewer