Hyperactive in the country for BBC Natural History and Autumnwatch 2010

This year we are proud to announce Gravity Media (as Hyperactive) got its mac’s and wellies on and headed off to Bristol to get involved.

When approached on a recommendation to provide a full Avid interplay environment, five fully feature Nitris DX HD edit suits and a host of ingest and transcoding solutions, as well as installation and support, we jumped at the chance to work on such a great project and beloved series and well as to work with some of our usual friends.

With Joe away at the US Open, Tom was quick to steal his van and rocket over there to ensure things were up and running quickly. For those of you who perhaps don’t know Tom all that well, he’s not only one of our top Avid/EVS engineers, but also our in house animal and wildlife enthusiast. Boasting a Labrador, several cats, turtles and tropical future (to name but a few) he needs no encouragement when wildlife’s involved.

This year’s Autumnwatch it set to be even better than ever. With live feeds during the show and clips from action from different locations throughout the week, this year also sees viewer footage intermingled bringing a new, more interactive feel to things. So if you’ve recorded something interesting on your phone or camera you can upload online here. Otherwise don’t forget to tune in tonight and every Thursday for the next 8 weeks to BBC 2 and BBC HD at 8:30.