Wembley Stadium


The FA

What we did

Gravity Media has a long-standing partnership with The FA to deliver content for the Wembley big screens. We have covered screens content for the FA Cup fixtures, Community Shield and FA Youth Cup.

What we used

We provide live screen content, using a Multicam LSM controller for replays, instant highlights, and slow-motion replays, to capture the match action and boost in-stadium engagement. The installation of a 12-channel EVS means we have the capacity to download externally created VTs and export in-match clips for wider social media distribution across The FA’s digital channels.

In addition, we provide a Clarity Graphics machine with high-end video functionality and DVE for special effects. With dual-channel operation to expand memory bandwidth, we have increased performance and speed of delivery by 15-20%. For this production, we provide a gantry camera, a pitch side RF camera with an 11:1 lens, an IEM for the presenter and a portable lighting rig. This kit offers flexibility to the production, as the presentation team can film anywhere around the pitch to capture crowd reactions.


We have captured atmospheric shots of the season’s end! With clean cut higlights to bring fans closer to the actions and align their passions with some of the key takeaways.

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