Manuel Belmonte

Hire desk coordinator

In 2023, Manuel Belmonte, has joined the Gravity Media Equipment Rental team in France as a Hire Desk Coordinator. In his role as Equipment Rental Hire Desk Coordinator, Manuel will be responsible for managing the equipment rental schedule for the projects in France, liaising with clients, managing logistics, ensuring delivery deadlines are met, preparing purchase orders and leading exceeding relationships with industry suppliers. Manuel will work closely with the Equipment Rental team based in France, Germany, and the UK to provide customers with a seamless experience, from the initial enquiry to the final delivery of the equipment.

With experience working at Accor and Orange, Manuel has proven experience working in fast-paced changing environments. Prior to joining Gravity Media, Manuel most recently worked as a Video Project Assistant Manager at Comback in Nice, France. During his time at Comback, Manuel was responsible for managing and coordinating audiovisual projects, editorial management, preparing shoots, client relationships, post production tasks and worked alongside the Business Development team on key tender projects.