Bespoke Multi-Zone Audio Broadcast Solution


Thames (formerly talkbackTHAMES)

What we do

Gravity Media – then branded Gearhouse Broadcast –, a leading supplier of technical facilities, crew and services used to capture the world’s most watched content, has devised and provided Thames with slick, seamless audio broadcast systems for The X Factor since the show’s inception.

In 2013, the tenth anniversary season of The X Factor, the challenge for the Gravity Media team was to identify ways of upgrading the show’s audio infrastructure using the latest technologies available at the time, whilst retaining cost-effectiveness.

Solutions supplied had to meet demands of both the main ITV1 Saturday and Sunday evening shows as well as ITV2’s follow up Xtra Factor. This required a seamless audio broadcast system covering all areas populated by the contestants, including backstage areas, green rooms, dressing rooms and connecting corridors, in addition to the studio and stage.

What we used

Gravity Media, in conjunction with professional audio equipment manufacturers Sennheiser, devised a bespoke multi-zone radio microphone system specifically designed to meet The X Factor’s unique audio RF needs.

A Sennheiser ‘Titan X’ aerial combiner was custom-built and used in conjunction with seven x8-way receiver racks rigged at the studios.

Additional top end audio equipment supplied by Gravity Media included 43 x Sennheiser SK 5012 lapel microphones, 43x Sennheiser 5212 transmitters, 5 x Sennheiser SKM 5200-U transmitters, 2x Sennheiser SKP 30 plug on transmitters and 2x Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitors.

Due to the 54 Radio Frequency channels throughout the building, a custom calculated frequency plan was developed in conjunction with Sennheiser and radio spectrum managers JFMG.


The bespoke video sound solution devised and implemented by Gravity Media allowed for full diversity coverage throughout the studio building during The X Factor and Xtra Factor.

Innovative technology from the industry’s top manufacturers combined with the technical know-how of the Gravity Media team ensured the delivery of top-class, seamless, error-free audio.

The frequency plan ensured interference between equipment was avoided, meanwhile the Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitors introduced in 2013 proved integral, providing impressive audio quality, audio encryption facilities, long battery life and accurate battery life reporting.

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