Kahleah Webb

Team Stories
1. What is your favourite part at Gravity Media?

My proudest but certainly not my favourite period was the way Gravity as a team navigated our way through Covid, it has been a difficult 18 months in which we have had to completely change the way we work and come up with new ways and ideas to get TV to air when it mattered most. There were some incredibly tough times but we never failed to deliver and I strongly believe it has made us all stronger in doing so.

2. What motivates you at work?

My biggest motivator is the team around me, I am extraordinarily lucky to work with a dedicated and talented team of individuals who all bring something different to the table.

3. A tip for someone starting out in the broadcast/ tech industry?

Our industry is very niche to those not privy! It is different, vibrant and fun – there is always something new to learn and the opportunities are endless. My tip is if you want something, don’t give up because if one door closes, there’s always another open and it could be completely different to the path you thought you were heading down. TV has a funny way of doing that.

4. Favourite sport & TV programme?

Being a Melbourne girl, born and breed my favourite sport is most definitely AFL, my career kick started here doing GFX on the AFL for Channel 10 and Fox Footy, I spent many a winter’s afternoons rugged up in the back of an OB truck!

5. What makes great live TV?

Great live TV is produced by a great sporting team and a great production team!