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Gravity Media once again returns to deliver the broadcast for the 2022 US Open Tennis Championships


Thursday 01 September 2022 – The 2022 US Open Tennis Championships is the 142nd consecutive edition of the tournament, held in New York at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center across 17 hard courts.

As viewers gather to see the final chapter of the grand slam season unfold, the US Open gives players a chance to define their current season with unpredictable runs, matches, and emotion.

Following the success of events at the Montreal and Cincinnati Opens the Gravity Media team is once again on hand to deliver dedicated broadcast services.

From Tuesday 23 August to Sunday 11 September, the Gravity Media team will be providing services to the Host Broadcast and Domestic facilities for ESPN alongside unilateral facilities for Amazon Prime and Eurosport.

Getting everything rigged and ready for the first day’s play required a full Gravity Media crew, installing and testing the core Host Broadcast Facilities, whilst working closely with an abundance of vendors to ensure a successful delivery of the tournament.

John Henry Williams, Gravity Media Director  Media Services & Facilities comments:

“This year’s US Open provides an opportunity to highlight the flexibility and depth of Gravity Media’s services, and how we can really make the magic happen when we all join forces and come together.

We’re currently providing coverage across 17 different courts with a total of 180 crew. From the shipments out to the US to the rig itself, all kit came across in eight different fifty-tonne sea containers and 43 tonnes of air freight. Following a three-week rig, we are now all set up and delighted to be once again capturing all the action for this year’s exciting tournament!”

Hamish Harris, Gravity Media Director  Special Projects adds:

“With the tournament now well underway, it is brilliant to see everyone’s hard work paying off. Getting everything set up and ready for the first day’s play required a full Gravity Media crew of 180 working onsite, installing, integrating, and testing our core Host Broadcast Facilities. Our Gravity Media Specialty Radio Cameras have also been deployed to capture the action and colour across the grounds and on the courts.”

Ed Tischler, Gravity Media MD says:

“As the world-leading global provider of complex live broadcast facilities, the annual US Open is a wonderful opportunity for us to leverage the collective pull of our people and resources to capture, craft and create dynamic content that inspires and excites. We’ve endeavoured to make this the most successful broadcast from every possible angle across the 17 courts. The coverage thus far has been a credit to each, and every 180 Gravity Media crew members involved in working closely to support ESPN, alongside the unilateral facilities for Amazon Prime and Eurosport. A huge thank you to everyone taking part. From Serena to Nadal, we’re excited to see what action unfolds this year”.