Streamers Are Running The Table

There’s a reason that we call Netflix the parlance of our country. The streaming model continues to prosper, and Netflix does what it does really well. The UX is better thought out than most and the content, while admittedly not “all that all the time” is above the benchmark of good enough. It’s measuring up. 

Not so for everyone in the OTT game. The joke in TV audience measurement circles has become, “flat is the new up”. 

Who’s Playing:

Peacock, which made its streaming debut on July 15, now has 33 million signups — on par with competitors like HBO Max (T), which reported nearly 40 million total subscribers in its most recent quarter. 

Netflix (NFLX), which added an impressive 8.5 million subscribers in 2020 Q4, reigns supreme with over 203 million users worldwide. Meanwhile, Disney Plus (DIS) reached an equally impressive milestone of well over 86 million subscribers after its November 2019 launch. Then, of course, there’s always traditional broadcast and the cable outlets who don’t show much sign of slowing down in their old age. Ranking in cable first place is MSNBC, followed by

FOX, CNN, Hallmark, ESPN and Home and Garden TV. 

Who’s Getting Hammered:

HBO, sans GOT, lost half of its adult audience and Starz, Showtime and Cinemax hit their respective White Walker walls as well. Winter is here and baby, it’s cold outside.