Canon CJ45ex9.7B – high-level 4K performance

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Designed to meet the high demands of outside broadcast applications, the CJ45ex9.7B is a 2/3″ 4K UHD portable EFP lens intended for producers and broadcasters engaged in sports, documentary, wildlife, music and other field productions that seek superb image capture over considerable distances – even aerial applications.

Steve Snook, Gravity Media’s UK Engineering Manager, looks after our CJ45 inventory: “With 4K continuing its steady integration into mainstream dramas, documentaries and movies, Canon has worked hard to be at the forefront of technology with its cameras and lenses. As content producers increasingly ask us to help them achieve 4K UHD in live production environments – such as high-profile sporting events and music concerts – the demand for lenses that can offer the desired focal ranges while preserving the usability and ease of operation of their predecessors is increasing rapidly. The Canon CJ45is the ultimate live-sports lens that also takes all other live and studio productions in its stride. If capturing very high quality images over great distances is paramount, I’d recommend the CJ45 every time.”

Establishing a new peak for 4K-lens performance when it was launched in 2017, Canon packed this ultra-high zoom unit with innovative technology. It’s a 2/3” portable, and has the advanced optical performance we expect from Canon in supporting 4K camera requirements. Image resolution remains high from the centre of the image to the edges, and the superb luminance gradation makes it ideal for HDR shooting. To get the required consistent contrast, Canon built in extremely high levels of control over black reproduction, and it also re-designed the lens optics help to reduce ghosting, flare, veiling glare, chromatic distortions, aberrations and internal reflections. 

Steve continues: “I’ve been working with digital lenses since their inception, and I was very familiar with the predecessor lens to the CJ45, which had 40x zoom capability. This newer lens is optically superior, and has a 45× zoom ratio with a focal length of 437mm – or 874mm, when users apply the doubling extender. The built-in image stabilisation system means it’s perfect in situations when stable images are needed, such as aboard boats, bikes, helicopters, trucks, etc. The digital drives are very responsive, getting to full focal range and aperture range in just over a second, and focus range in under two.”

In summary, the CJ45ex9.7B lens offers high-level 4K optical performance, 45x high zoom ratio and faster servo operation in the size of an HD super telephoto lens. This represents an excellent marriage of needs for creative flexibility and mobility, while meeting the demanding performance requirements for 4K image acquisition at a wide range of focal lengths. 

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