Prepare to level up as the Supercars Pro Eseries is underway

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Following the huge success earlier on in the year where Virgin Australia Supercars Championship teamed up with Gravity Media to produce the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries during COVID-19 lockdowns 

The BP Supercars All Stars Eseries took place via the iRacing computer simulation platform, running over ten rounds from 8 April 2020. Supercars drivers went head to head in the races at infamous tracks all over the globe from their respective homes, with Van Gisbergen being awarded champion at the end of the series with 14 wins and 18 podium finishes across the season. 

Now, it is time to level up as the Supercars Pro Eseries is underway! The Eseries takes place again on the iRacing platform, running over six weekly rounds until Tuesday 1 December 2020 and is broadcast live on Fox SportsKayo Sports, Supercars FacebookTwitch and Youtube pages. 

Some of the best SIM racers from all over Australia and New Zealand are competing in the series from their respective homes, with a champion to be awarded at the end of the series. 

Drivers at home have their own gaming PC’s connected to their internet which is gated through the centralised PC. Viewers are able to see driver’s live action and reaction shots as the drivers also have an alternate camera set up at home so they can funnel this through the Zoom app 

As the Supercars technology provider, Gravity Media’s Australian operation is providing all of the studio and facilities solutions.  

The host and talent is currently based at the FOX Sports Studio in Melbourne and is connected to the Gravity Media control room at The Production Centre in Sydney with all cameras, audio and video feeds being transmitted between the two sites, via hi speed connectivity channels on dedicated private circuits to maintain security and integrity 

Gravity Media is supplying the control room at The Production Centre in Sydney with supportive engineering, audioMCR crews, and has also created the full plan of networking distribution for all incoming and outgoing sources including the Fox Sports Studio in Melbourne, driver’s computers and zoom cameras.