Canon CJ45 – leader of the pack

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The Canon CJ45is the ultimate wildlife and live-sports lens that also covers all other live and studio productions – even aerial applications. If capturing very high quality images over great distances is paramount, it’s fair to say the CJ45 is your best bet. It’s been designed to master all EFP and ENG assignments with ease – in the hands of the right operator of course.

It’s a 2/3″ 4K UHD portable, and has the advanced optical performance we expect from Canon in supporting 4K camera requirements. Image resolution remains high from centre to edges of the image, and the phenomenal luminance gradation makes it ideal for HDR shooting. To get consistent required contrast, Canon built in extremely high levels of control over black reproduction. They also re-designed the lens optics help to reduce ghosting, flare, veiling glare, chromatic distortions, aberrations and internal reflections. 

Ed Tischler, Acting Managing Director at Gravity Media, remarks: “We’ve been using digital lenses in the field since their inception, and we was very familiar with the predecessor lens to the CJ45, which had 40x zoom capability. This new lens is optically superior, and has a 45× zoom ratio with a focal length of 437mm and even 874mm if we use the easy flick doubling extender. It’s perfect for situations where we need stable images and the ability to pan when aboard boats, planes, open trucks, etc. The digital drives are very responsive and quick: we can get to full focal range and aperture in just over a second, and we’re focused in under two seconds.”