Canon CJ12 – 4K capture from centre to edge

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Canon is leading the way with this 4K masterpiece of a lens. It’s capable of wide angle and up to 12x zoom, together with a focal length that extends from an exceptional 4.3mm at the wide end – great for interior close-ups – to 52mm. That 52mm can even be doubled using the in-built extender to a whopping 104mm. That versatility alone sets it out as special, but it’s as compact (at just 248mm long) and lightweight (at 2.1kg) as comparable HD lenses, making it highly portable in real-time news gathering and similar live broadcast situations.

The CJ12 is Canon’s first 2/3” 4K portable lens, and it integrates seamlessly with 2/3”4K broadcast camera channels for all shooting environments and conditions. As you’d imagine, it also fits with all Canon HD kit.

Ed Tischler, Acting Managing Director at Gravity Media, has thoroughly tested the model: “We’ve used the HJ12 which came before the CJ12, and we’re amazed by the optical performance of this lens. Broadcast technicians over the years find the consistency and uniformity of the 4K resolution and high contrast simply exceptional. What’s more, that consistency stays throughout all focus and zoom ranges, meaning we don’t have to worry about how the kit is going to react when we move between subjects. There’s hardly any colour bleeding and minimal ghosting and flare, so it’s a quality shot all the way. Our clients have used this lens for extended periods during live sport coverage, and all report back how comfortable it is because it’s so light for its capability”.

In live situations, this lens really comes into its own. No waiting to initialise, because the 16-bit encoding means immediate support for shooting with aberration correction on start-up, and giving highly detailed positional information on zoom, focus and iris from the off. With this lens, you can match virtual images and actual images with precision and ease.