Treasure Island with Bear Grylls

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Twelve Brits, five weeks and £100,000: the new series of Treasure Island with Bear Grylls began airing on Sunday 8 September.

The basic plot is that 12 ordinary people land on an uninhabited island and face a pretty tough time to survive. We’ve seen similar before, but this time isn’t just about survival – there’s £100k at stake.

Over 5,000 miles from the UK, the uninhabited islands are part of a remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The contestants are there during the peak of the dry season, which means hot and humid conditions, long periods of sunshine and very little rain. Daytime temperatures reach 35 degrees centigrade, while the nights are cold and uncomfortable.

Still, there’s £100,000 buried in crates of £10 notes to look for, so there’s something to keep them interested while they’re out foraging for food. And herein lies the point of the show: if you can cope with the hostile conditions in the first place, you’re then confronted with the dilemma of co-operating to find and share the cash, or selfishly trying to keep it for yourself.

 HyperActive Broadcast supplied an expansive Avid and EVS Integration set-up to Evolutions Television to film the show, shipped to South America and onto the island. The series continues on Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4.