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Blending both traditional and trailblazing technology, Gearhouse Broadcast does a great line in designing and building full-service studios and production workflows. It’s a collaborative process though which we assess our customers’ specific requirements so we can be sure each setup will meet all their production needs and more.

To create quality content you need quality kit. So we’ll spend time getting to know you and what your aspirations are before we create your personalised solution.

A good example is Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Dublin. Home to 2,500 students, IADT offers excellent technical facilities, including TV and radio studios, and digital video editing. The facility has to cater for a number of different users, from residential students to international TV producers and broadcasters looking for additional facilities during high-volume periods. When it was time for an upgrade, the Institute asked Gearhouse Broadcast to supply, install and support a new state-of-the-art, two-studio HDTV facility.

Our Systems Integration team provided a full turnkey solution, handling everything from planning and project management to design, installation, commissioning, technical support and training.

We prefabricated a lot of the infrastructure at our Watford HQ, and then travelled to Dublin to complete the installation. We equipped the main film/TV studio with five Hitachi multi-format HDTV production cameras with Fujinon lenses, hot-swappable between the two studios as needed.

The second studio features a FOR-A Virtual Studio System, paired with the HVS-390HS video switcher, which offers a great range of standard functions including mixed HD/SD input, frame synchroniser, 3D wipe effects, DVEs, chroma keys, DSKs, still stores, picture-in-picture, multi-viewers and more. We also supplied an ARRI ALEXA camera with ARRI Alura 35mm zoom lenses, as well as three Sony CineAlta 4K Prime lenses. To complete the technical setup, we fitted out a comprehensive Production Gallery, with vison and audio mixers, replay systems and an Avid Nitris DX edit station.

Both studios are fully soundproofed and have resin-based, anti-static screed floors that provide optimum camera tracking performance. Two external wall boxes provide capacity for OB connection and/or for external filming and relays.

The main studio is about 200m2, with a clear shooting height of six metres and a motorised lighting grid. It is fully connected to the Production Gallery via eight wall boxes, and is also equipped with black, white and green cyclorama curtains.

The green screen studio is approx 45m2, with a shooting height of four metres. It’s connected to the Gallery via two wall boxes, or can be operated separately using a mobile production unit. It has 75% surround chromakey walls and a black cyclorama curtain.

All in all it’s a setup that will easily satisfy all of IADT’s educational and facility-hire requirements for years to come. So when it comes to designing, configuring and building a full-service, permanent TV studio, you know where to come. And don’t forget we can also help with post-production and delivery once you’ve got your content safely in the can.