Let’s wrap-up: Discussing AI in video production at Google’s Silicon Valley HQ


Last Thursday, Gearhouse USA President Michael Harabin joined a panel at The Silicon Valley Video Production Meetup, discussing the role of Artificial Intelligence in video production. Coordinated by SVG, SVVP and Facebook, the event was focused on the past, present and the future direction of machine learning in post-production.

Led by Adobe’s David K. Helmly, the presentation was the meetup’s keynote session and showcased the new features of the Premiere editing system, such as AI powered Content Aware Fill for After Effects, a new Color Grading UI, Freeform Project Panel, Data Driven Graphics and Shared Projects. This included a reflection on how predictive AI techniques were used to replace and remove objects in a video scene.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with companies such as Adobe and Canon reflecting on how “Today’s Technology Gets Ready for Tomorrow.” Gearhouse USA President Michael Harabin highlighted the role of AI as a tool to increase efficiencies in the video production process, consequently freeing people from tedious work and leading to more accurate work outputs.

The event also created a unique opportunity for diverse solution providers to discuss the implications of 5G, AI, 8K, and virtual workflows for today’s video tools. “While traditional expertise is important to making a quality product, the newer creators like the SVVP are open to change and willing to adopt more IT/IP centric tools, like machine learning and AI, to help them do their jobs,” says Harabin.

“There are three basic phases in video production. The pre-production phase where search and discovery of materials is important, the production phases where video signals are heavily manipulated (switching/mixing/replays/graphics) and post-production (editing, logging, sharing, archiving). AI’s biggest impact is in the post-production phase with language versioning, metadata tagging and automated highlights editing.”