Gearhouse Broadcast USA completes 1850th REMI production

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~ Milestone REMote Integration event confirms Gearhouse as leader in delivering ‘At Home’ control room productions ~

Los Angeles, CA, June 3, 2019Gearhouse Broadcast USA, the Gravity Media-owned supplier of technical facilities, crew and services used to capture the world’s most watched content, has successfully completed its 1850th multi-camera, remote integration (REMI) production. The milestone was passed at the close of the 2019 US collegiate sports season, when the Washington Huskies took on the University of California Bears in the Pac-12 Baseball and cements Gearhouse’s position as a leader in delivering ‘At Home’ centralized productions.

This impressive number of ‘At Home’ productions, also referred to as multi-cam or REMI events, stretches back to April 2013 and averages around 264 per year. It includes those overseen by mobile production solutions specialist Proshow Broadcast, acquired by Gravity Media Group in July, 2018. The REMIs include college football games, men’s and women’s college basketball, and Olympic sports; swimming and diving, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer delivered for the Pac-12 Networks and ESPN.

A typical REMI offers an operationally flexible, modern and durable workflow that is cost efficient to deploy. Smaller, purpose built mobile units can be used at the venue, and only video and audio acquisition hardware such as engineered cameras, microphones and announcer headsets, as well as comms hardware, a transmission interface and engineering support are required on site. Video switching, audio mixing, graphics, replays and show production can all be done ‘at home’ at the broadcast center.

As a result, fewer crew members need to travel to the event and there are more assets available to deploy, such as telestrators or advanced graphics tools where necessary. By using a central control room, numerous events can be produced on the same day, rather than having to tie up valuable resources on just one game. And it is easier to maintain, upgrade and replace if needed a piece of equipment that’s centrally located, than having multiple units of the same systems on the road to oversee.

Michael Harabin, President of Gearhouse Broadcast USA said: “This is an impressive achievement and demonstrates the quality of service and level of consistency that Gearhouse and its engineering team are able to offer on a regular basis. By combining expertise, experience and flawless performance with modern technology and a professional engineering staff at an attractive price for the benefit of our customers, Gearhouse has become the proven leader in this field.”

Gearhouse Broadcast USA has an extensive fleet of modern mobile units based in both Los Angeles, CA and Charlotte, NC, which have been specially designed and built for ‘At Home’-style applications. These include Sprinter class trucks Busker, Solo, Trouper, Skye and Iona and larger ‘O’ Class trucks Opus and Ovation. It has also recently announced the appointment of industry veteran Clayton Packard as Sales Director as it continues to expand in the region. Based in Los Angeles, Clayton is responsible for marketing the business’s extensive resources throughout North America.