Digital radio upgrade

Event Communications

At Gearhouse Broadcast, one of our key principles is that we always stock the very latest broadcast equipment. Our wireless transmission offering is a key part of that, and we’re currently in the middle of a major refurbishment programme to make sure we continue to offer a range of kit that best suits our worldwide operations. It’s a continuous upgrade programme, accelerated in recent months thanks to Ofcom’s compensation scheme for owners of 700 MHz radio mic equipment. Once that band has been cleared for mobile providers, some of our older kit will become obsolete.

So, we’re taking the opportunity to go increasingly digital. We’ve just bought more Sennheiser digital receivers and transmitters (including EM 6000-Dante dual-channel receivers, SKM 6000 hand-held radio mic transmitters, SK 6000 body-worn transmitters and EK6042 Hybrid battery receivers), with even more radio mics and IEM kit to follow later in the year. This means we’ll have more kit that can work globally, and that can cope with going from show to show without having to be swapped out or brought back to base for realignment.

Digital technology brings a number of benefits – not least that it can be used at higher channel densities than analogue equipment, which allows us to offer reliable radio mic coverage in increasingly hostile RF environments.

A perfect example of this is central Miami, where there’s highly restricted frequency availability. And as we’re there supporting the Miami Open tennis tournament this month, our entire first shipment will soon be put to the test.

Gearhouse was an early adopter of digital radio mics, over five years ago, and we’re delighted to be maintaining our position as one of the leading suppliers internationally.