Gearhouse Broadcast supply the kit and crew for the 2018 Winter Paralympics in South Korea

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I had been at Gravity (as Gearhouse Broadcast) about three weeks when the RFP from Whisper Films came in to supply kit and crew for their IBC at Pyeongchang for the Winter Paralympics. Whisper are producing the Winter Paralympics coverage for Channel Four and know us from working side by side in F1 compounds around the world. Richard Bainbridge who is managing the Paralympics for Whisper has known us for a long time from the tennis majors and other projects,  he also recommended us to the lovely Production Executive Kay at Whisper Films. All this gave them the confidence to want to work with us on the Paralympics – it’s always nice to know that what you do onsite impresses people and makes them want to work with you too!

Obviously you jump at the chance of being asked to be involved in something like the Paralympics, especially for a company like Whisper – whilst we have never worked together directly in the past, they are involved in some great projects and it’s always brilliant to work with new clients.

Gravity Media (as Gearhouse Broadcast) were already onsite in South Korea with kit and crew out of our Australian office who had been working on The Winter Olympics, so we were handily able to keep kit and people onsite and augment for Whisper as applicable, making the transition between events a lot smoother for everyone.

Gravity Media have years of experience in building IBC requirements for many and varied clients, having previously worked on football World Cups, Olympics, Asian Games…you name any large tournament and we’ve been there and TOC’d or IBC’d! Indeed, this summer we are looking forward to servicing five different clients with  studio and IBC facilities in Moscow for the 2018 World Cup.

We wish Whisper Films, our crew and all the Paralympians all the best of luck for The Games.