ITV Sport Select Gearhouse Broadcast for IRB Rugby World Cup Facilities


ITV Sport has appointed television broadcast services specialist Gearhouse Broadcast to supply both project solutions and broadcast equipment to integrate ITV’s coverage of the IRB Rugby World Cup.  Their Technical Operation Centre in Auckland and Hosting Studio in Viaduct Harbour will link to ITV’s Studio and transmission facilities in London. The Broadcast operation will be in High Definition 1080i 25hz 16:9 with 8 channels of audio.

Some of the broadcast equipment in New Zealand consists of EVS XT[2] HD/SD 6CH hard disk recorders, Sony HDCU1500C2 HD Portable Cameras, Sony HDC3300 Super Slo-Motion Cameras, Canon HD J22x7.6B IASE Lens, Canon HD J11x4.3 IASE Wide Angle Lens, Yamaha DM 2000 Digital Audio Mixer and Sony MFS-2000 Multi Format Vision Mixer.

The Master Control Areas for engineering and quality control will comprise of test and measurement equipment from Tektronix utilising the WFM 700 and the 601E series. Routers selected will be the Pro-bel series and the Pro-bel HD/SD routing systems.  Leitch equipment has been selected for the HD distribution and glue products.

The Audio Control Room will comprise of audio desks from Soundcraft Series 5 56-channel, Soundcraft B800 48-channel console, DDA CS-8 32 channel audio console, and Midas Venice 240 24-channel consoles.  Audio monitoring and quality control will be carried out on Bel series monitoring equipment. A variety of microphones have been selected to cover the sporting contests being played which comprise of Sennheiser SKM-3063 Pocket TX and MKE 2 Mic Kits, Sennheiser SKM 3072 Hand Held Microphones, Sennheiser EM 1046-RX-U Receiver Modules Audio and various smaller microphones.

Roger Pearce from ITV Sport commented “We are pleased to be working with Gearhouse Broadcast again; we find them to be reliable in terms of their equipment, their people and their technical support capabilities”.

Kevin Moorhouse, Gearhouse Broadcasts Chief Operating Officer said “We have been working with ITV Sport for many years on various international sporting events including the last two FIFA World Cups. We have a very good working relationship with them and we pride ourselves in the consistent provision of high standard broadcast solutions and facilities”.