Test of endurance: Navigating the trials and tribulations of the Australian Open


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Kevin Moorhouse, our Project Manager and Hamish Harris, our Engineer in Charge of the Australian Open and Technical Project Manager at Gravity Media caught up with SVG Europe to discuss Gravity Media’s responsibilities at this year’s Australian Open.

They discussed the enduring quarantine, rights holders working remotely, adapting to new times to rising airfreight costs hitting budgets hard due to the global pandemic!

International crew began arriving in Australia from early December in order to complete a tough 14-day quarantine, which was a challenge in itself.

Gravity Media’s staff worked split shifts throughout the tournament, and beforehand. The tennis started daily around 10am with the first short of workers coming in at around 8am to prepare. However, for those on the late shift, while work officially ended at 1am to 2am, highlights packages that need to be created often meant that work ended around 4am.

By the time the event is derigged, Gravity Media’s crew will have completed 3,300 total days working on site for the Australian Open!

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