Remote Production

Sending out signals.

Better connectivity means that though we still need our camera operators to capture the action on location, this signal can now be sent back remotely using satellite, high speed fibre or mobile network. We can then add the commentary, presentation, production and graphics at one of our global production centres in London, Sydney, Melbourne or Los Angeles, all whilst maintaining the highest production standards.

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Remote Production/Production Centres & Studios

Meet CelBo!

CelBo is an alternative to your traditional outside broadcast. It’s a new streamlined, remote production workflow that is nimble, quick to deploy and cost efficient. Camera feeds from your event are transmitted via our secure and robust cellular bonded network back to one of our Production centres in Sydney or Melbourne. From here we control the cameras, talk to commentators and our skilled crew create your program. By removing travel costs for trucks, equipment, and most of the production team, we cut the cost of your production.

CelBo offers greater flexibility and a smaller footprint on site while maintaining a high-quality broadcast at a reduced cost. This is a great product for businesses, organisations and sporting federations who are looking to broadcast their event to a wider audience.

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All at UEFA are grateful for the continued quality and professionalism around the work you do for us. With all the challenges faced at the start of the year, the speed at which you began to deliver the archive shows, when our rights holders were in need of content was of particular importance, and set the tone for a hugely successful collaborative year of work.

Philip Williams

Head of Editorial Content Services, UEFA

If it hadn’t been for Gravity Media, there is absolutely no way that Ata Football would have got off the ground. It was the flexibility with which they operated at the Production Centre that was so brilliant, proactively finding solutions for the challenges we presented them. The support of Gravity Media has been absolutely fundamental to getting us where we are today.

Hannah Brown

Co-founder, Atlanta Media

Thank you so much for an amazing production. This was exactly what we have been envisioning, and I couldn’t be more happy with the result. From what I’m hearing, our audience, both online and in the cinema, felt the same. Especially impressive that you were able to do this on such short notice, and with so many moving pieces.

Jonas Saabel

Producer, Fredrikstad Animation Festival

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Ben Madgwick
Ben Madgwick
Director – Media Services & Facilities