High Definition Mobile Unit

Solo is part of our fleet of Sprinter-based mini mobile units designed specifically to support “At Home” control room productions. In spite of their very compact size, these trucks carry a comprehensive set of professional broadcast equipment to undertake a wide range of events.

  • Mercedes 3500 Sprinter
  • Sony 100 HD Triax Cameras
  • Canon HD Lenses
  • Vinten Vector 75 Heads
  • Soundcraft Expression SI Audio Console
  • RTS Zeus Intercom
  • Tech spec
  • Floorplan
  • Monitor stack
Tech spec

Vehicle specifications:
Length: 60ft (expanded with platforms deployed)
Width: 17ft expanded (if using 3rd platform)
Power: CAMLOK 2x 208 v 3 phase 125A plus service to SNG (100A)
Total combined Tech and AC draw is approx 100A per phase

Cameras (including RF):
22x Sony HDC-4300 or Hitachi SK1200 plus 10x POV
Up to 6 RF cameras supported by an onboard 50’ telescopic mast

Switcher: Grass Valley K-Frame with sub switch:
GVG K Frame mixer: 128 inputs and 48 outputs
Router: Imagine Communications Platinum IP3 with 460 x 720 HD SDI I/O, 45x multiviewers,
18x MADI inputs and 22x MADI outputs

32 framesync/de-embed/color correctable external inputs
12x up/down/cross converters (4K and HD)

Replay and record:
4x 12 Channel EVS ChannelMax fully optioned live production servers with 4K capability

Main production:
Three bench production control room with full 4K monitor wall

Sub Switch:
(Streaming, IMAG, foreign language or edit)
Single bench seating for 4 personnel, with access to all video and audio feeds

4 x shading positions and EIC station

Audio mixing console: Lawo mc256kII Surface w/XT Panel
64 Faders wide with 12 layers = 576 total faders
5.1/Stereo Monitoring, Loudness Metering
128 Audio Follows Video Events, 128 VCA channels
Automix, Upmixer, Lo/Ro Downmixer built in
Touchscreens for easy Routing & Visual Feedback
mxGUI Offline/Online Editor to prep your show
Lawo mc256kII Core Audio Router
Fully Redundant System
4096 routable Inputs and Outputs
64 x AES Input/Output Pairs
6 x DSP cards 560 Inputs/120 Outputs
40 x MADI Ports. 8 for external connections
4 x Ravenna Ports AES/67 Ready
Lawo Desk Local I/O
16 Line Inputs
8 Line Outputs
4 AES Input Pairs

External I/O (Throwdown field/stage boxes)

3x LAWO DALLIS boxes with…

32 Mic/Line Inputs
16 Line Outputs
8 AES Input/Output Pairs

1x Andiamo MC/DALLIS with…
32 Mic/Line Inputs
32 Line Outputs

Andiamo XT with…
16 AES Input/Output Pairs
32 Line Inputs
32 Line Outputs

Communications (4 Wire):
RTS Telex Adam - with MADI and RVOn interfaces

Wireless Communications (4 Wire)
Clearcom Freespeak 2, with 20 point to point (fully assignable) beltpacks

Please click here to download the specifications for Columbus, our new 4K unit.

Monitor stack

Click the link below to download Columbus's monitor stack. 

Download PDF