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We build our packages using state-of-the-art technology, including UHD, 4K and IP systems, and we also offer a full range of temporary cable solutions, featuring the latest SMPTE, TAC and Triax fibre technologies. Our specialist personnel will help with your entire project, advising on the best use of technology to meet your objectives cost-effectively – wherever and whenever you need us.

Find out more about the Flypacks we have to offer below:

AUSTRALIA flypacks

HD FAK is a large scale fly away system that is scalable and can be tailored to the bespoke requirements of the individual project and clients’ needs. With capacity aimed at a 12 x HD Cabled Cameras + 6 x POV, this is supported with a Sony 4ME VMU and 3 x EVS XT3ss for all the replay and archive requirements. The LAWO MC56 with 48 fader surface allows for large scale productions of all types, and the 40+ channels for embedding/de-embedding gives great flexibility for live broadcasts or complete archive with great ISO allocations to any production. All operating positions come complete with all the features and facilities one would expect of a permanent Studio/OB installation - ensuring all operators can perform their tasks and deliver high standards expected of a modern sports or entertainment event.

aus flypack 1
  • Evertz SPG x 2 with a changeover
  • 60 x DDAs
  • Sony MVS 8400 MVU - 4ME (4 Keys per ME)
  • Probel Cygmus 576 x 576 Router
  • Evertz Multi-Views
  • Tallyman tally system
  • LAWO MC56 Mark II - 48 Fader audio desk
  • 12 x SMPTE Cameras
  • Technical Monitoring for full camera control - 3 CCU Pos + TD
  • 3 x EVS Ops with full monitoring - scalable EVS XT3 to suit project needs
  • 5 x LAWO V-Pro 8 - gives 40+ Channels for embedding/ de-embedding
aus flypack 3v1.1


Flypack A: 

Rapid deployment 16 camera, 3 EVS flypack capable of 23.98 and 3G - designed for narrow body aircraft

  • 1080P/720P
  • Ross Vision 4 m/e Switcher
  • Utah Scientific 288 x 288 embedding router
  • Clearcom Eclipse HX with Freespeak
  • Three EVS servers
  • 16 x Hitachi SK120
  • Digico SD10 Audio Mixer
usa flypack a

Flypack B: 

Compact 8 camera, 1 EVS 1080i/720P flypack capable of 23.98 - designed for narrow body aircraft

  • 1080I/720P
  • Ross Carbonite
  • Ross 144 x 144 Embedding Router
  • Clearcom Eclipse HX with Freespeak
  • Two EVS servers
  • Ten Hitachi SK1200
  • Calrec Brio Audio Mixer
usa flypack b

france flypacks

Flypacks are the backbone of production workflows, offering flexibility, powerful tools and operational efficiencies. Fully scalable and tailored to your individual onsite and remote production delivery needs, they can be deployed both locally and globally for sports and entertainment productions.

The quality portable Flyaway production unit contains all you need to both create and capture your content. Our Flyaways are used predominantly at external locations, yet can also be used within existing studio facilities.

Delivering up to 12 HD cameras, our modular systems allow us to adapt to your production needs both easily and efficiently. Our Flyaways use only the best in quality technology, including vision mixers, routing, mixing, servers and communication networks.

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The benefits our Flypacks can bring to you include:

High Specification: Our HD 3G Flyaways offer a high specification of design and build, for up to 12 cameras, 2 EVS servers, with various sound and talkback possibilities.

Custom Built: The systems are built into 32U and 20U flight cases on wheels. The modular design enables the size of a facility to be increased with ease, dependent on the changing production requirements.