Gravity Media Reality TV Flypack

Our Reality TV Flypack is capable of deployment to the most hostile parts of the world. It can support a full range of specialist cameras – getting the viewer as close as possible to the action. This Flypack can facilitate very large post-production and ingest requirements as well as all editing and media management needs. It is also capable of supporting all programming stream cuts and can be fully integrated with all leading social media platforms. 

Download Specification

  • Allowing to capture a range of angles, get viewer closer to action, POV, fly on wall
  • Range of audio and editing platform including Avid and Adobe Premier, on and off-site
  • Allows connection of full range of special cameras including weatherproof, 4K, immersible, nano, infa red day/night and slo-mo
  • Workflows enabling the clipping and rapid publication of highlights and action straight to social media
  • Variety of ingest solutions supported including EVS, Avid and Quadrus
  • Integration with high speed, high capacity nearline storage
spec 8
spec 9