Social media engagement

With experience honed on some of the world’s biggest live events – notably sport – our formats include 30-second, three-minute and ten-minute live action clips, produced ready-to-air across multiple social platforms.

Meet the team

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The choice for viewing and engaging with must-see live content just gets better and better. We all consume different perspectives on the same sporting and other high-profile events from different broadcasters, and get almost real-time updates and commentary when we’re on the move. Gravity Media helps clients give their consumers exactly what they’re looking for: near-live highlights and insights whenever and wherever they want them.

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A key feature of the service is our ability to edit and package content with additional material – logos, messaging and even subtitles – quickly and accurately. And we then ensure they’re streamed to millions of viewers across all the right platforms in the blink of an eye.

One of the great benefits of social media engagement is that you can measure performance. Counting the views, hits, mentions and likes show who’s watching what, and whether it hits the spot – all of which is rich data for potential commercial partners.

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