production shoots

We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals to tackle all shooting briefs. Be it an outside broadcast or studio-based, we use the latest innovations in technology to ensure we have the right equipment for the job: drones, helicopters, techno jibs – impossible shots made possible.

Meet the team

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For location-based shoots, first and foremost, we help you scout the best spot for filming, explaining the advantages and limitations of each potential environment. Knowing your location will also help with the next steps of the shooting process: knowing exactly what you’ll need when; everything from kit to crew to final cut. You can leave the logistics to us too – we have equipment we can get to any location in the world, and we know how to keep the crew relaxed, refreshed and ready for action.

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For studio shoots, we have all the facilities you might expect and more. Available for dry hire or fully crewed, we have make-up rooms, green rooms and lounge areas, not to mention kitchens and dining facilities, onsite parking and loading docks. Overseeing every shoot we also have Live Studio Control Rooms and Lighting & Vision Control, taking care of audio mixing, graphics, EVS playback, post-production, encoding and distribution.

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