Stereo PPM

The PPM-200 audio monitoring unit provides comprehensive, accurate measurement of stereo and mono audio signals. The system is Eurocard-based and is supplied as a 2-U rackmount version. Great care has been taken to ensure the quality of the audio processing, making the PPM driver suitable for use in the program audio chain.

The PPM driver card can accept balanced or unbalanced input signals (with automatic gain sensing) and provides a number of outputs. Sum, difference (with switchable 20dB gain), left, right and mono signals are internally produced and can be switched to the PPM drivers and outputs by means of front-panel switches. The tri-color LED stereo phase indicator is standard, giving a clear signal phase indication from tone and good indication even on program audio. True mono audio with VCA control is fed via the loudspeaker amplifier to the internal loudspeaker whilst stereo audio is available for headphone monitoring from the headphone driver amplifier.

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Stereo PPM


Stereo PPM


Audio Inputs:
Direct input connections 3-pin XLR female
Signals Mono or stereo (depending on model)
Level 0dBu nominal, unbalanced signals lifted by 6dB
Maximum level +20dBu
PPM law BS5428-9
Monitoring Left / right and sum / difference (switchable)
PPM level Switch selectable +20dB for difference signal
Phase indication (with tone) Red (out) green (in) LED
Audio Output:
Line output 3-pin XLR male, 0dBu into 600 ohm
Line output distortion 0.01% THD & noise
Line output frequency response 20Hz to 25kHz ±0.05dB
Headphone output Adjustable level, ¼” stereo jack socket
Internal loudspeaker Mono sum, 10W adjustable, isolated by headphones
Stereo PPM