Sony BVM-300 – true RGB for ultimate quality control

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This is the master monitor for professionals. It marries color accuracy with gamma linearity in a combination that’s near impossible to match. With 4K resolution in a compact 30-inch display deploying high-performance TRIMASTER EL™ OLED technology, this monitor provides it all in a no- frills package – even the remote control is extra and wired.

The BVM-300’s black performance is unbeatable, the color reproduction is incredibly faithful and the pixel response is lightning quick. It has a flicker-free mode, virtually no motion blur, an interlace mode for faithful input signal rendering, and the wide viewing angles lead the market for a monitor of this kind.

“We love the mix of highest tech in terms of the screen quality and resolution, blended with classic direct controls on the monitor itself. If we could only have one broadcast master monitor especially for colourising up to 1000 nits, this would be it. There’s no need for scaling with true RGB, and it’s perfect for so many uses including color grading and quality control in a 4K production workflow”, says Ed Tischler, Acting Managing Director at Gravity Media.

The BVM-X300 also has enhanced features for HDR live production, and conforms to most of the ITU-R BT.2020 standard.