Mitch Lockyer Lane

Mitchell Lockyer-Lane

Account Executive - Media Services & Facilities

Mitch joined Gravity Media in 2021 as Account Executive – Media Services & Facilities for Australia. Joining the existing team, Mitchell oversees the client relations and management of a wide range of Gravity Media’s services.

Mitchell has over 20 years’ experience in the events, entertainment, and broadcast industry. Working at Australia’s largest distributor for entertainment production for over 13 years, Mitchell’s roles included providing Customer service before quickly moving into technical support for a wide range of products. Focusing on high-end broadcast brands, Mitchell designed, configured, commissioned, and supported large solutions for networks, broadcast, entertainment and production facilities around Australia. Taking on a brand management and business development role, Mitchell has developed relationships with key stakeholders from clients and international suppliers around the world, becoming the ‘Go To’ person for brands in Australia.

Mitchell continued the hybrid business development and support role at Gravity Media, managing the relationships and development of the SportsCom Match Official Communication System for the Australian Football League and Rugby Australia. Mitchell joined a major global communications and video manufacturer taking on Account Management duties across sales and rental, before re-joining the Gravity Media team.