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Hamish Harris

Director - Special Projects

Hamish joined Gravity Media in 2012 and has over 17 years of television broadcasting experience. Having previously held the roles of lead vision engineer and technical project manager, Hamish now manages our relationships with a number of key clients and the technical delivery of major projects.

Hamish has worked extensively on Gravity Media’s Flyaway Solutions service offering, including a Flyaway Pod system which was used facilitate Formula 1 coverage. In addition, Hamish was the Engineer in Charge of our host broadcasting operations at both the US and Australian Open tennis, including as part of the team that worked alongside ESPN who won the Sports Emmy Award in the Outstanding Technical Team in the Remote category in 2018.

Hamish holds a vast amount of knowledge of broadcasting technology and innovation, working closely with Ollie Bianchi, our Head of Projects to ensure technology is innovative and reliable.