US Open

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What we did

We have worked with multiple clients, managing technical services, across the 4th installment of the Grand Slam – US Open. Most notably, Our teams were sent to work across the recent US Open to install up-to 25 reciever site antennas across 25 remote locations with RF over Fibre (RFoF).

What we used

In 2022, we installed 23 RF cameras. These receiver sites were installed to send audio and video content across a seven gigahertz frequency, for a clean signal with less interference to accommodate international distribution to broadcasters.

A camera control system was put in place to send data to each of the RF points with a UHF data transmitter. Each RF receiver was installed with a 3G-SDI to MPEG4 converter, to encode incoming data from 3G all the way down to 20 MPEG4.

The receivers were placed in various high angle points around the venue and most recently in some of the courts too. Receivers were also placed in the tunnels because Steadicams were introduced to capture the pre-match action in the players’ tunnel and track them as they enter the courts.


Our technical innovations have really enhance the overall quality and broadcast of tennis and we continue to elavate the look and feel of coverage.

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