Gravity Media helps house of worship deliver content internationally


The customer

The popularity of video content in religious facilities and churches has steadily grown in recent years.  Church’s need to keep their community informed about current initiatives and exciting events, as well as empower all walks of life, regardless of where they are located.

This enhanced communication through video content means that many churches are now seeking quality audio and video resources to spread their word. With a customised approach, houses of worship can now distribute their own high-quality footage to help shape the lives of people in communities around the world.

The project

A contemporary Christian church with places of worship across Australia, United States, Europe, the UK and further afield, recently selected Gravity Media – then branded Gearhouse Broadcast –  to help deliver its broadcast services from its Sydney and Melbourne church spaces. With a heavy emphasis on musical arena-based events, the church needed a solution to help it capture high-quality footage to share with audiences over the internet and its own television channel.

As the footage is captured by non-specialist operators, including college students and volunteers, the workflow needed to be simple enough that a tech savvy person could use it and jump straight into the live production environment.

The approach

Gravity Media – then branded Gearhouse Broadcast – worked closely with the church to create a solution that aligned with its house style, and matched workflows used in their United States, European, and UK facilities, including the Dominion Theatre London.

Keen to deliver the most professional tools possible for the church to produce content with, Gravity Media supplied its Sydney arena with a SAM Vega 700 router, Sony HSC-300R camera channel, Video Devices’ PIX 270i rack mount video recorder and a Ross Carbonite Black mid-sized production switcher with two control surfaces.

Gravity Media selected the Vega 700 as it offers impressive flexibility for its size, as well as being resilient and reliable. The Sony HSC-300R camera channel was chosen as it seamlessly integrated with the workflow and generated maximum returns on the church’s production budget.

Kit deployed at the church’s Melbourne space included a Ross 72x72 3G/HD/SDI router, Ross Carbonite Black mid-sized production switcher with two control surfaces and Ross Digital Glue.


Gravity Media delivered the church a specification and level of service that wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise.

The installation in the church’s Sydney space provided an easy transition to the new higher quality equipment. Aligning with the house style, the volunteers in the congregation who film the content were able to come in, pick up and roll with the equipment supplied.