The Football Association (The FA)

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The Football Association (FA) – the game’s governing body in England, formed in 1863 and the oldest football association in the world. Gravity Media – then branded Input Media –  has been The FA’s production partner since 2008.


To produce world feed coverage of live FA Cup matches, the season-opening Community Shield, and England internationals at Wembley for The FA’s rights-holders around the world.

Over the past decade, Gravity Media has an unblemished record of producing over 500 international feeds for distribution to The FA’s international broadcasters. And we support these feeds with additional host broadcast provision as and when required.


Since 2008, we’ve brought fresh ideas, innovation and forward planning to The FA’s productions. Top of the list was migrating the coverage from SD to HD, and to do that we invested heavily in connectivity and a series of permanent HD galleries at our Production Centre to produce multiple concurrent international feeds of the highest standard.

We’ve introduced match-specific, stylish openers to launch each feed, and use colour content such as team arrivals and shots of fans to give the feeds a lively and busy feel. At half-time, we play out highlights packages, head-to-head stats and promos or archive pieces. And we complete the turn-key programme with a comprehensive post-match sequence including interviews and full-match highlights.


Gravity Media has demonstrated it can deal with the demands of The FA’s growing international business. At a time of immense change in the broadcast world, what began as a requirement to produce and deliver live match feeds has flexed into delivering not only that, but also hundreds of hours a year of clipped and digitised content for The FA’s international markets.