Cage Warriors

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Cage Warriors is the leading European Mixed Martial Arts promotion, which is broadcast by BT Sport and the Free Sports channel in the UK, and by UFC Fight Pass globally, in conjunction with several high-calibre broadcast partners across Europe and Asia.

Cage Warriors boasts many high-profile champions and high-quality fighters past and present, and has proven to be a conveyor belt for top Mixed Martial Arts talent to ultimately graduate to the UFC. 


Gravity Media – then branded Input Media – was contracted to become the UK host broadcaster and the creative and broadcast partner to the burgeoning Cage Warriors Development Agency, thanks to our extensive experience and successful record of working with the UFC throughout Europe and the Middle East.

We have successfully up-scaled the entire Cage Warriors production process, and overhauled both the technical and creative offering across the board, additionally advising on staging and lighting strategies across major events at various arenas in London, Liverpool and Wales. In addition, we have also produced a quick-turnaround, high-end highlights programme of each event as an additional content bonus for all international broadcast partners.       


We’ve assembled a regular production team of experienced, MMA-savvy personnel who work on approximately one major domestic production a month, producing a two-hour live host broadcast and Main Fight Card programme from the OB, which is fronted by the Cage Warriors presentation team of Layla-Anna Lee, Dan Hardy and Graham Boylan. The host broadcast format is deliberately formulaic to allow an array of international broadcast partners to opt in and out of the coverage at appropriate editorial junctions for their commercial breaks.

Gravity Media also provides consultancy and senior personnel to support the customer’s productions in new and emerging territories, such as the recent Cage Warriors 93 show in Gothenburg. 


Cage Warriors and Gravity Media are developing an increasingly close and co-operative working relationship, which has taken the broadcast production of its live shows to a new level. Broadcaster feedback has been highly positive in terms the changes implemented, which have included an entire revamp of the titles, menus and fight graphics package.