Bespoke broadcast systems control room

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Producers of Australian cooking show, My Kitchen Rules needed a creative broadcast solution that would enable each individual camera angle shot during filming to be viewed live as it happened, along with associated audio monitoring. The stipulation made by Seven Network Productions would guarantee delivery of a suitably entertaining and technologically slick product, as the state vs. state televised competition heated up.

Underpinning producers' need for a bespoke broadcast systems control room able to perform the above function lay its ultimate mission -  to deliver a product that could achieve high ratings and make good on initial investment into the show.

The network needed a state-of-the-art facility that would allow hard-working crew to easily manage and collate a large amount of content, to be later cut and edited in a creative way, meaning the most exciting, entertaining and tension-filled show possible would be delivered to end viewers.


Seven Network Productions selected the services of the Australian division of global broadcast solutions provider Gravity Media – then branded Gearhouse Broadcast – to help achieve key deliverables. An experienced team used specialist industry knowledge to deliver a complete control room solution MKR crew could rely on. Every eventuality, potential flaw, glitch, or challenge was thought of.

The solution was developed, built, integrated and managed in the most cost-effective way possible. For instance, only low-level onsite engineering was required to support it through recording days, making for a smaller required labour force and offering considerable operational savings.

Vitally, upmost care was taken to ensure no compromise was made on the high production values required to produce an entertaining show with the potential to rate well.


Gravity Media's approach provided a control room that targeted and tackled MKR's specific production requirements head on. The bespoke system was designed so that all ISO cameras fed live outputs directly into the room. Hardware was supported with an array of Multi-View systems and a tailored Comms System for seamless communications with studio floor crew, control room operators and production through a network of talk back panels and UHF Radios.

Aside from providing the network with an ideal viewing platform, Gravity Media's solution included an intricate EVS network. Producers were thus allowed a first-hand look at the entire production archive, not just before it was delivered to post-production, but actually as it happened. Continuity issues or other oversights that degraded the production in the eyes of editors and which otherwise may not have been noticed until well after the day of recording were thus able to be detected immediately. Crucial ‘pick ups’ and ‘re-shoots’ were made possible.

THE experience:

Gravity Media is world renowned for involvement in the production of complex, high-profile televised events, including sports, reality shows and light entertainment productions. The team has long-standing, close relationships with key industry players, knowledge of the latest broadcasting trends and techniques and is unrivalled when it comes to experience in the field. In Australia, Gravity Media serves clients including Fox Sports, Network 10, V8 Media, Seven Network, and ESPN.