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Sony HDVF-700A CRT Studio Viewfinder

Sony HDVF-700A CRT Studio Viewfinder

Brand: Sony


Sony HDVF 700A CRT Studio Viewfinder
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HD Viewfinder for HDC-1000 and HDC-1500 cameras

The HDVF-700A is a 7" monochrome CRT viewfinder for the HDC-1000 studio camera. It can also be used with the HDC-1500 portable camera in conjunction with the HDLA-1500 large lens adaptor. It is particularly recommended for sports applications, where the fast response time of a CRT display is advantageous.

Multi format

Can be used at all HD production frame rates

High Resolution

The 7" CRT delivers high resolution, allowing precise, rapid focussing, even for fast moving sports applications

Compact body design

The viewfinder is extremely compact, minimising the height of the camera/viewfinder combination. It has a versatile mount which includes adjustable height, tilt angle, and rotation. A large easily visble tally light is included