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Sony HDC-1500R Multi format HD Camera

Brand: Sony

Product code: HDC-1500R

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Heralding a New Era of HD Production

Pursuing the ultimate HD system for today and for tomorrow, Sony sets another milestone in the history of multi-format HD camera systems - the HDC 1500R - offering a broader choice of interlace and progressive formats, much greater picture quality, and enhanced operational flexibility.

The HDC 1500R incorporates a newly developed CCD imager and DSP LSI - two key devices that allow it to achieve ultimate picture performance in a variety of scanning modes. The CCD used in this camera can accommodate all existing interlace and progressive scan formats ranging from 1080/50i and 1080/59.94i. It can also capture stunning 1080/59.94P* and 1080/50P* images - as well as delivering the highest-possible quality 720/50P image creation*.

Such high image quality is supported by the camera's convenient peripherals, which make installation and operation of an HDC-1000R system very smooth.

The HDLA-1500/HDLA-1505 Large Lens Adaptor incorporates a totally unique interlocking mechanism, which allows a large lens to be attached/detached from the portable camera in just a matter of seconds - relieving operators from lengthy mechanical adjustments.

* 1080/59.94P and 1080/50P signals can be output only from the HDC-1500R in a stand-alone configuration.

Used Camera Channel for Sale consists of

  • HDC-1500R Camera Head
  • HDCU-1500//U Camera Control Unit
  • HDVF-20A 2" B/W Viewfinder
  • RCP-750 Control Panel
  • VCT-14 Tripod Plate 

Power HAD FX CCD for high sensitivity

The HDC-1500R is equipped with a newly developed three 2/3-inch type 2.2-megapixel HD CCD. Based on Sony HAD sensor technology and the latest on-chip lens structure, this new CCD offers a high sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lx. In addition to this performance, a wide variety of capturing modes including 1080/50i, 60i, 1080/24P, and 1080/25P, 30P are available. What's more, this CCD can capture top-quality 1080/50P, 60P(*) images - a capability that also offers highest-quality 720/50P, 60P image acquisition for today's operations. (*)1080/50P, 60P signals can be only output from the camera head.

14-bit A/D (Analog to Digital) conversion

The HDC-1500R utilises a 14-bit A/D convertor, which enables images captured by the high-performance CCDs to be processed with maximum precision. In particular, this high-resolution A/D conversion allows the gradation in mid-to-dark-tone areas of the picture to be faithfully reproduced. Thanks to this 14-bit A/D convertor, pre-knee signal compression at highlight areas can be eliminated and the camera can clearly reproduce a high-luminance subject at a 600% dynamic range.

Improved S/N ratio

At the heart of the outstanding picture performance of the HDC-1500R camera is a newly developed 2/3-inch type 2.2-megapixel full HD progressive CCD. Based on Sony's HAD sensor technology and the latest on-chip lens structure, this CCD offers a high sensitivity of F10 or F11 at 2,000 lx and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 56 dB (typical).

Together with a unique "Noise Suppression" function, which reduces the high-frequency noise elements in video signals by using Sony's advanced digital signal processing technology, a 64dB S/N ratio can be achieved.

Newly added Focus Assist Functions

For easier focusing through the viewfinder, two types of focus assist functions are newly incorporated to the HDC-1500R: Viewfinder Detail and Focus Assist Indicator. To intuitively recognise a focusing point, users of the camera can add dedicated image-enhancing edge signals directly to the viewfinder as "Viewfinder Detail". The "Focus Assist Indicator" is a helpful tool for manual focus adjustments, especially when shooting wide-angle views. An indicator is displayed at the bottom or other positions of the viewfinder frame, enabling users to make more accurate and fine focus adjustments.

Compact and Lightweight

The HDC-1500R portable camera is designed to be very compact and lightweight for a high level of mobility in the field. The HDC-1500R camera weighs approximately 4.5 kg ensuring comfortable operation either on the shoulder or on a tripod.




Power requirements 240 V AC, 1.4 A (max.), 180 V DC, 1.0 A (max.), 12 V DC, 7 A (max.)

Operating temperature -20 to +45°C (-4 to +113°F)

Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)

Mass Approx. 4.5 kg (9 lb 15 oz)


Pickup device 3-chip 2/3-inch type CCD

Effective picture elements (H x V) 1920 x 1080

Signal format

  • 1080/50i, 59.94i, 23.98P, 24P, 25P, 29.97P
  • 1080/50P*, 59.94P*
  •  720/50P, 59.94P

Spectrum system F1.4 prism system

Lens mount Sony bayonet mount

Built-in filters

  • CC: A: CROSS, B: 3200K, C: 4300K, D: 6300K, E: 8000K
  • ND: 1: Clear, 2: 1/4ND, 3: 1/8ND, 4: 1/16ND, 5: 1/64ND

Sensitivity (1080/59.94i) F10 at 2000 lx (3200K, 89.9% reflectance)

Signal-to-noise ratio 56 dB/64 dB (w/NS max.) (1080i, typical)

Horizontal resolution (1080/59.94i) 1000 TV lines (at center)

Registration Within 0.02% (all zones, without lens)

Shutter speed selection

  • 1/100, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 s (1080/59.94i)
  • 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 s (1080/50i)

Modulation depth 45% horizontally (typical) (800 TV lines at center, 27.5 MHz, with typical lens)

Input/Output Connectors

  • Audio input (CH1) XLR-3-pin (female) (1), mic or front mic or line selectable
  • Audio input (CH2) XLR-3-pin (female) (1), AES/EBU or mic or line selectable
  • Mic 1 input XLR-3-pin (female) (1)
  • Prompter output/Genlock input/Return input BNC type (1), 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms
  • Prompter 2 BNC type (1), 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms
  • DC input XLR-4-pin (1), 10.5 to 17 V DC
  • DC output 4-pin (1), 10.5 to 17.5 V DC, 1.5 A (max.)
  • Test output BNC type (1), 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms
  • SDI 1 output BNC type (1) HD-SDI
  • SDI 2 output (without embededd audio)
  • Earphone output Stereo mini-jack (1)
  • CCU Electro-optical connector (1)

Tracker  10-pin (1)

Crane 12-pin


  • 1 XLR-5-pin (female) (1)
  • 2 XLR-5-pin (female) (1)

Remote 8-pin (1)

Lens 12-pin (1)

Viewfinder 20-pin (1)