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Intuitive interfaces and a significant level of operational control provide you a new level of production efficiencies.

  • Choose a range of ergonomic panels provide increased accuracy to fine tune actions with no time or effort wasted in navigation
  • Simplify system settings, and access to graphic elements with a powerful live production control interface and media browser
  • Seamlessly create and run an entire production perfectly every time from a simple touch screen application

A professional grade feature set offers the capabilities of a much larger switcher for you to deliver imaginative and dramatic productions.

  • Unique effects modules are available in a pool to be assigned anywhere in the system for additional dissolves and key layers independent of ME resources to create more sophisticated productions looks
  • Distributable system-wide 2D DVE channels that incorporate intelligent resource management to store and recall scenes, meets production demands that typically require a larger switcher
  • For more compelling productions, multiple media player channels are available system-wide to directly play out stills, logos and animated graphics which can even be enhanced with audio
  • Powerful processing forms the foundation of a platform with the flexibility to handle a range of requirements with advanced keying and effects, multi-format production in HD and SD, and the ability to apply video and colour correction controls to add creative flare

System extensibility offers complete production system solutions that make your integration and operation highly cost effective.

  • Fully integrated MultiViewers with selectable layouts choice of border, tally and UMD label display for each source make monitoring simple and reduces cost
  • Studio solutions are made complete by adding motion graphics and video playback systems along with unmatched device control of systems such as robotic cameras and audio mixers. All Carbonite systems ship with an XPression LiveCG software license to provide production graphics. If the deployment also includes a separate XPression Go, Prime, or Studio system- it can be used as an additional Designer seat.
  • An available configuration with an integrated signal routing and management system simplifies installation and operation when outputting to multiple screens, on-set displays and signal distribution systems
  • Deliver compelling multi-screen production without the need for complex and expensive multi-screen image processors
  • Seamlessly transfer production decisions to non-linear editors to recreate the event timeline to dramatically speed up the post productions process


A great looking production requires a complete set of tools. Carbonite’s unmatched power and easy-to-use feature set will get the job done.


MiniMEs are a new class of operational ‘devices’ within the production switcher architecture. These are very powerful effects modules that include an independent Mixer and 2 Keyers: 1 standard Keyer and 1 specifically for DVE boxes. MiniME modules do not reside in a fixed position in the signal flow – they are not Upstream, Midstream or Downstream – they ‘float’ and can be used anywhere in the signal path. They reside in a resource ‘pool’ to be used anywhere in the system for additional dissolves and key layers, which are immediately released as soon as the transition or effect is complete. There are 4 MiniMEs in the system, but as they are automatically attached when required they can be assigned to multiple locations – and all four can be used simultaneously.

MiniMEs are completely independent of Carbonite MEs. All of Carbonite’s standard ME resources are available without compromise.

MiniMEs are FREE! Simply download the lastest version and they will be immediately available for use in any Carbonite system – regardless of age or configuration. All part of the fantastic customer service from Ross.

Version 12.2

  • MiniME PST mode for background preview
  • Input 1080p25 format
  • Thumbnail capture for media wipe selection
  • Multi-Panel Support
    – Up to 3 panels
    – Includes compact CB9 panel
  • MultiScreen DVE Release
    – Background DVE’s can release when using UHD

Carbonite Black UHD

  • Software version ONLY for Carbonite Black or Carbonite Black Plus frames
  • NOT merely bus-linking and mapping of 3G – but fully UHD
  • Complete 1 ME UHD switcher with 4 full keyers including a UHD chroma keyer and a transition key for Media wipes and DVE moves
  • 2 channels of UHD DVE as well as 2 MiniME’s – each with 2 full keyers and next transition preview
  • Full UHD media stores which can playback UHD Key and Fill animations
  • Utilizes 2SI UHD sampling

Carbonite Black Plus 12G Frame

  • Carbonite Black Plus with 12G SDI and Quad 2SI support and single link UHD connectivity
  • 12G single link on every fourth input or output
  • 9 UHD inputs 12G SDI or Quad 2SI 3G
  • 5 UHD outputs 3 12G or Quad 2SI along with 2 Quad 2SI
  • 4 HD MultiViewer Outputs, 1 System and 3 I/O based
  • 1ME with 4 Keyers and 2 channels of DVE