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NAC Hi Motion II Ultra Slow Motion Camera

Brand: NAC

Product code: Hi Motion II Ultra Slow Motion

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The excellent slo-motion images, (at up to 20 times slow down) of the Hi-Motion give sports producers and broadcasters dramatic images that show detail and emotion not seen before, that have been used to enhance the coverage and understanding of many sports.

The ease of integration within the standard Outside Broadcast workflow and ease of operation both for the Camera Operator and the Record/Replay operator have led to the rapid acceptance of the Hi-Motion cameras as another part of the Producer and Directors tool kit in telling the story of the match.

The Hi-Motion has several unique features among the competing Ultra Slo-Motion Cameras; the Hi-Motion Cameras are the only with 3 sensor technology, the same as all mainline broadcast cameras; Hi-Motion has the industry standard B4 lens mount so that all of a Broadcasters or Facilities existing standard lenses can be used, without the need for adaptors or modification.

• Designed from its inception as a Broadcast System camera
• Industry Standard B4 Lens Mount
• Industry Standard SMPTE Hybrid Fibre (up to 2 Km) between camera head & CCU
• 3 Sensor design for superior colour matching and representation
• Simple & effective workflow
• Instant playback
• Easy to integrate to existing OB workflow
• Full Remote Control
• Ease of use for Camera Operator, Vision Engineer and EVS Operator
• Real-time viewfinders; 2" monocular & 9" colour
• Genuinely operable handheld

• System partner to NAC for Hi-Motion II is Ikegami
• Improved Sensitivity by 2-3 stops (Minimum 4X brighter)
• Continuous Live output - separate from the Replay output
• Record & Replay at the same time
• EVS Control Integration "Hypermotion" from an LSM panel.
• Flicker Suppression Circuit for working under lights
• Double Recording Memory to 96GB
• Recording Speed up to 1,000fps (up to 1,200fps in 720P)
• Full Remote Control with full Paint controls
• Effective and usable Shutter
• Stand-alone operation. E.g. On Steadicam with RF Links.
• Radio Camera Systems available from BSI & Broadcast RF.
• Works with standard Telecast "Shed" (Sony/Ikegami) for use on single-mode fibre for long distances transmission from camera to CCU