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Imagine PV-CQ16-FR-1 PLATINUM VX 1 RU 16X16

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Platinum VX 1 RU 16X16 Dual Clean & Quiet Router with Additional 16X12 SFP Option. Includes redundant PSU.

Choosing a video router is a crucial decision - it is an investment at the core of your infrastructure, expected to be the never-failing, signal routing workhorse. At Imagine Communications, we ensure that every router decision is the right one with our industry-recognized Platinum™ family of innovative routing solutions that now includes the new Platinum VX line. This latest addition of affordable small-to-midsize utility routers offers the highest density per rack unit of any SDI video routing system on the market. 

The concept of a utility video router has evolved over the years from a 10x1 "glitch switch" to a router requirement that supports SMPTE RP 168 switching in much larger matrix sizes. With its four frame sizes, the Platinum VX supports matrices from 16x16 up to 288x288. Featuring a highly robust and fault tolerant architecture - with the flexibility to handle all types of video signals reliably - the Platinum VX also incorporates the latest equalization and reclocker technologies, delivering the best signal quality every time. 

An exceptionally dense and powerful series of 3G/HD/SD triple rate routers, the Platinum VX comes standard with built-in Magellan™ set up and configuration utilities. When implemented as part of a larger routing system in a hybrid environment, Platinum VX can seamlessly operate under the overarching management of the Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator, which provides a seamless path to IP while maintaining standard routing and broadcast workflows. This versatile line of video routers also fully supports the award-winning Magellan range of router control panels. 

Built for on-the-job, 24/7 reliability, and supporting broadcasters and mobile production facilities as well as cable, telco and government applications, Platinum VX video routers are easily incorporated into any workflow and deliver an unparalleled level of versatility and value that helps any operation work smarter and more efficiently.


  •  Four frame sizes - Supports a variety of matrix requirements (from 16x16 up to 288x288)
  • Built-in Magellan control - Eliminates need for external controller in system set up and configuration, simplifying and speeding up the process
  • Fiber and electrical connectivity - Uses SFP and HD-BNC modules for complete configuration flexibility
  • Industry-proven - Optimizes widely deployed, state-of-the-art Platinum router technology, delivering high quality and reliability
  • Unmatched density - Offers the highest density per rack unit of any SDI video routing system
  • Future-proof flexibility - Upgrade the 4RU and 8RU frames in the field as routing demands change


  • The Platinum VX video router line supports matrix sizes from 16x16 to 288x288 in four different frame sizes:
  • 1RU (16x16 HD-BNC as standard with SFP cages for expansion to 32x32)
  • 2RU (48x48 and 72x72 HD-BNC)
  • 4RU (144x144 modular I/O with optional SFP connectivity)
  • 8RU (288x288 modular I/O with optional SFP connectivity)

Impedance : 75 ohms ( HD-BNC)

Input Connector : 75 ohms HD-BNC

DC Offset : 0V ± 0.5V

Amplitude : 800 mV ± 10%

Jitter : 
270 Mb/s, 1.485 Gb/s: <0.2UI reclocked
2.97Gb/s: <0.3UI reclocked

  • Rise Time : 
    270 Mb/s: 400-800 pS
    1.485 Gb/s: <135 pS
    2.97 Gb/s: <135 pS
  • Output Connector : 75 ohms HD-BNC
  • Overshoot : <10%
  • Power Supplies : 
    2 (1 RU)
    2 (2 RU)
    2 (4 RU)
    2 (8 RU)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 
    1.75 x 17.5 x 10.75 in. (1 RU)
    3.5 x 17.5 x 10.75 in. (2 RU)
    7.0 x 17.5 x 18.5 in. (4 RU)
    14 x 17.5 x 18.5 in. (8 RU)
  • Signal Type : 
    SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M
  • Fall Time : 
    270 Mb/s: 400-800 pS
    1.485 Gb/s: <135 pS
    2.97 Gb/s: <135 pS
  • Matrix Size : 
    16x16 + 16x16SFP (1 RU)
    48x48 or 72x72 (2 RU)
    144x144 (4 RU)
    288x288 (8 RU)
  • Physical Specifications :
  • Input :
  • Output :
  • Return Loss ( HD-BNC) : 
    >15 dB, up to 1.485 GHz
    >10 dB, 1.485 to 2.97 GHz
  • Equalization ( HD-BNC) : 
    550 m Belden 1694A for 270 Mb/s data rate
    250 m Belden 1694A for 1.485 Gb/s data rate
    150 m Belden 1694A for 2.97 Gb/s data rate
  • Return Loss (BNC, HD-BNC) : 
    >15 dB, up to 1.485 GHz
    >10 dB, 1.485 to 2.97 GHz
  • Weight (approx, fully loaded) : 
    2.5 kg (1 RU)
    5 kg (2 RU)
    7 kg (4 RU)
    15 kg (8 RU)
  • Back Modules : 
    6 (4 RU)
    12 (8 RU)
  • Resource/Crosspoint Modules : 
    2 (4 RU)
    2 (8 RU)


  • Fan Module : 
    2 (4 RU)
    4 (8 RU)
  • Resource/Crosspoint Module : 
    1 (4 RU)
    1 (8 RU)
  • Redundant Resource/Crosspoint Module : 
    No (1 RU)
    No (2 RU)
    Yes (4 RU)
    Yes (8 RU)


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